Thursday, March 15, 2012

Review: Salon Style Nail Polish Strips

Today I am reviewing Salon Style Nail polish strips:

 About a year ago I gave up one of my addictions....Acrylic nails. For years I was a slave to going to the nail salon every two weeks to go through the whole process of getting them filled, buffed, filed etc. One day I decided enough is enough, I can't keep spending money on this. All it was doing was damaging my own nails, on top of the fact I started to notice that not very many grown women are rocking acrylic nails, it's mostly the young girls. I also started to actually like the look of well manicured, natural nails.  I took those bad girls off and haven't been back since. It took a very long time for my nails to outgrow the damage the acrylics caused. I get a manicures maybe once a month or so, but in between manicures I do my nails myself at home. 

 One day I was on Ebay looking around and saw these nail polish strips that I have heard alot about and decided to give them try. I ordered the animal print ones, just to be a little funky and have some fun with my nails, but they have a ton of different designs to choose from and they also have plain ones as well. I paid $2.99 for the pack, it came with 12 strips, a cuticle stick and a nail file. I was expecting it to be a disaster, with creases and crinkles all over the place, but I was pleasantly surprised.  They were so simple and easy to put on,  just stick on the one closest to your finger nail size and file off the excess. WOW! I loved it, it took me ten minutes to finish and no dry time! I also had two of the largest stickers left and used those on my big toes to make my toes match my nails. They look fabulous! One more thing, I added a clear top coat to my nails in the hopes that it will make them last longer. My husband is thrilled, not because they look so awesome (typical man, he could care less, lol) but because he said I look like I went to the nail salon and he didn't have to spend nail salon money (his nickname is Daddy Cheap-O, lol).

 The seller I purchased them from on Ebay was great, they arrived in a good amount of time and he even included an extra nail file that wasn't in the package. If you are interested in trying these out...and I highly recommend you do, you can purchase them at almost all beauty supply stores or on Ebay, here is the link. I like them so much that have already ordered a few more designs :)

Here is my final result....

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  1. I like the look! I wanna see your toes! Lol! Nice job on your review!

  2. These are awesome. I found some at Dots department store last summer on clearance. They were regular $ 3.80, on clearance for $ 2 and another 65% off of that. I ended up paying .69 cents for them! I was so mad at myself that I didn't grab more! lol! I got 3 designs, a really pink glittery one, a tiger stripe looking one (similar to your color above) and a rainbow confetti colored one. They are awesome! Great review!