Thursday, March 1, 2012

You Better Go Handle Your Bizzness!

Hi all! It's been a while since my last entry. I've had a few things keeping me busy but now, I'm baaaaaaack! LOL

Today's Blog is a review of these Herbal Pills I am taking, they are called Glucomannan Root or Konjac Root. Before I explain what they are and how they work let me give u a little back story (no pun intended)....

  First I will warn you it will be me mostly, so why not sit down and have a good chuckle at my expense, I don't mind. 

  Since I can remember I have always had a problem with....... drum roll please...... going to the bathroom or being "regular". It got worse when I had kids, (not sure why that is) but it did. Oh man, and when I was pregnant it was pure torture, I refused to take the prenatal vitamins because the Iron would mess me up completely. Without giving you too much info and grossing you out,   I can go for days, sometimes I swear it will be over a week before I go to the bathroom and by then I am so uncomfortable and my stomach is swollen to the size of a basketball! I envy my husband who is like a well oil machined you can pretty much count on the fact that he will go at least twice in one day, at the same time everyday. I guess you could say I have "poop envy", lol. I blame my inability to lose weight solely on the fact that I can't use the bathroom (yeah, eating cake, ice cream and cookies may have something to do with it, but so what...that's my story and I'm sticking to it!).

  Apparently, I am not the only one that suffers from this disorder, its quite common in Women. Some of the contributing factors are Stress, busy lifestyles, the fact that we tend to hold it in more than men (which I know I am certainly guilty of that one, I refuse to use public restrooms), lack of fiber and water in our diets etc. They even have a yogurt made just to help make us "regular". This is an Epidemic People, No Woman is safe! I mean we even have a Spokesperson for Constipation, Jamie Lee Curtis!

  I have tried quite a few things to relieve my ailment.  Laxatives, Activia: I can't eat yogurt every day, it's just not something I enjoy eating, so that didn't work for me. Fiber pills: They made me more bloated and uncomfortable. Oh, and this tea my aunt sent me, because my mom of course had to share my problem with the world and with anyone who would listen. Let me tell you about this tea.....First off it tastes like what I am trying to get out of my body and smells just as bad. But, I was desperate so I went ahead and drowned it with honey and down the hatch it went, nothing happened the first day so, I drank another one the second day and let me tell you I woke up at 3am sweating and with the worst stomach cramps ever. I swore I was gonna end up on the show "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" I ran to the bathroom thinking "OMG! I am going to give birth in the toilet to this baby that I didn't even know I was pregnant with!" (sorry if its TMI) Anyway, it wasn't a baby, but I will never EVER drink that tea again, it was just a terrible experience. 

  A few months ago I was watching some infomercial in the middle of the night talking about removing belly fat and what not. So, I googled the pills they were selling, just to see what it was all about. While doing that I stumbled upon a few people who said that those pills were a waste of money, paying $100 when the main ingredient was just an Herb that you could buy for under $15. I researched the Herb they were talking about and it turned out it was supposed to help with losing weight, feeling full, hypertension, hemorrhoids, digestion disorders and CONSTIPATION!

  After further research, I sure did go on and ordered me some. I have been taking them for over a month now and I can proudly say I am REGULAR! Yay! They aren't as harsh as laxatives at all and although I haven't lost any weight and they don't really make me feel full at all, they do make doing my business a regular every day sometimes even twice in one day thing!

I just placed my second order, and can't wait for it to arrive :)

Here is the link to the ones I ordered from

Thanks for reading!


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