Friday, January 27, 2012

Bronzed and FABULOUS!!!

  Hey everyone!! Today I am going to discuss something that is near and dear to me....Bronzer/Self Tanner!

 NO, I am not talking about the "I look like a Ooompa Loompa bronzer"

 or the "OMG she looks like Linsey Lohan self tanner" (which by the way, is NOT a compliment).

  I actually found one that I really like and use quite frequently...Well I used to use it quite frequently, till I moved to the good old sunshine state :)
 Anyway, I really like this particular self tanning lotion, its made by Banana Boat and is called Summer Color Self Tanning Lotion. It's self adjusting, streak free and for ALL skin tones or so it says, I havent tried it on ALL skin tones, just my own and it seems to work just fine, lol.
 I haven't been able to find it in any stores other than Walmart or online at

Here is the link on Amazon, they have a package of 3 for under $20!!

Here are a few tips when using Self-Tanning lotion:

1. There is such thing as too much, don't over do it, a little goes a long way.
2. Make sure you cover all areas or you will end up with the not so cute patches, spread it evenly.
3. The best time to apply the lotion is after you have taken a shower and have already dried off.
4. MAKE SURE YOU THOROUGHLY WASH YOUR HANDS WITH SOAP or you will end up with tanned palms and that is NOT a cute look. (believe me, it has happened to me before)
5. Self tanning lotion also helps to hide stretch marks or scars. Now, it doesn't completely cover them but it does make them less noticeable.
6. Did you know that a tan makes you appear thinner? I kid you not, it is a known fact. I don't know about you but I love looking thinner!

So, for all of you that are unable to hit up the beach to acquire that sun kissed glow in Winter or just don't like to soak up those UV rays that are so bad for you, try a self tanner, you will look and feel Fabulous!

Thanks for reading!

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